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  Who we are  

  The history of our Nursery goes back to the beginning of the 40s when AQUILINO BRESCHI, simple agriculturer, started producing the first decorative plants making, just for a hobby, geometrical cuttings on some exemplars of Laurus Nobilis, Buxus, Taxus. Cheap Cartier Replica Cartier Replica Watches Cartier Replica Cheap Omega Replica Omega Replica Watches Omega Replica Cheap IWC Replica IWC Replica Watches IWC Replica Cheap Cartier Replica Cartier Replica Watches Cartier Replica Its imagination and creativity made him very soon make more complex figures: Birds, Ani-mals, Baskets, Amphorae and so on, as can be visibly seen from the photo of those days showing his children Franco and Franca, still very little, in the nursery where are some of the first exemplars of Topiary made on Cupressus Arizonica. This kind of work went on with ups and downs until the 80s when his son Franco took up his father's activity, im-proved the nursery production enlarging it with vases, pots and crockeries and increased the Topiary Art introducing it more convincingly on the market.  
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